SEWING & CRAFT Q&A | Tips, Beginners, Inspiration & more

SEWING & CRAFT Q&A | Tips, Beginners, Inspiration & more

The FAQs of Airbrushes

If you have never used an airbrush in your life, or this is your first time to use one well do continue reading this article as it may provide you several basic information that you much need. If you have been using air brushes for long periods of time; it is still advisable to read this article as because you may learn more things that you have never known about art brush painting.

A Graphical Odyssey Review

I have to say that I love graphics because they bring a new dimension to any website. They are the means by which people can communicate their artistic ideas. If they are done well then you might find that the market for these graphics is just overwhelming.

The Big Benefit Of Procedural 3D Textures

A big benefit of procedural textures is that they do not “break down”; that is, no matter how closely you look at an object with a procedural texture, it maintains its visual integrity. Besides being viewable from any magnification, procedural textures also have very little overhead.

Advanced Texturing Techniques – Creating Textures From Scratch

Most 3D applications come with a fairly good collection of different maps or textures. These textures are great because they are available, they are usually optimized for the software you are using, and they are ready to be dropped on your models.

Shedding Light on 3D Illumination Systems

Without lighting systems, animations cease to be a visual art form. Lighting is often the last thing thought of by many animators, and consequently, bad lighting has ruined many clever projects. It is not an afterthought; rather, lighting itself can become a character within your animation.

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