SEW WITH ME | True Bias Marlo Sweater

SEW WITH ME | True Bias Marlo Sweater

Creating Fine Art Jewelry With the Rising Cost of Precious Metals

Creating fine art jewelry to sell is never a simple task for any jewelry artist. Trying to figure out how to price your work, and showing it for sale is often time consuming and exhausting. However, the joy comes when your creativity and hard work results in appreciation by a customer who will cherish the jewelry that you have made.

Digital Sketchbook – Discussion on Looking With Your Eyes

Drawing is the most essential form of looking. I advocate this as an important activity because without it the tendency is always to use one’s eyes for minimal visual systems.

Learning to Draw – Your First Few Sessions

You should be drawing, say, three days a week in order to build on what we’re talking about. Learning to draw is like eating an elephant – do it a bit at a time.

Art Galleries – Right Places to Purchase Sketch Paintings

Are you passionate about sketch paintings and wish to decorate your rooms with the best of them? You can rejoice, as shopping at art galleries is an ideal way to discover the most wonderful sketch paintings.

No One Can Resist Animal Paintings

You don’t know what it is; you feel a need for a painting and are having trouble deciding on a subject. A portrait of a family member? Perfect! And what is more a family member than your faithful pet, either a present one or one from the dear departed past?

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