SEW WITH ME | Tilly & The Buttons Eden Raincoat | Vlog From Cutting to Making!

SEW WITH ME | Tilly & The Buttons Eden Raincoat | Vlog From Cutting to Making!

The Types of Creating Cartoon Drawings

Cartooning is an effective illustration tool that Graphic artists, as well as fashion designers, can utilize in the designing of visual communication products like magazines, posters, billboards etc. There are basically five types of cartoon drawings. These are Gag, Comic Strip, Animated, Editorial and Illustrative cartoons. Each of the types has their distinct uses in the field of visual communication.

The Various Binding Methods for Book Productions

There are several ways of binding books. However, there are two major types of binding, namely the mechanical or loose-leaf binding method and the conventional or permanent binding method. Graphic artists who would want to specialize in book publishing must know these traditional methods of book production.

Formal and Informal Page Layouts Formats for Designing

A page layout is an art of arranging or organizing text and images (illustrations, symbols, photographs etc.) on a page or pages to create a desired and pleasing effect. A well-designed page attracts the reader’s attention and presents the material in an easy to read fashion. Modern page layout offers the Graphic Designer with many options that make his/her work very attractive, effective and unique.

The Concept and Media for The Production of Book Binding

Book binding is the art of arranging loose sheets of paper in a protective cover. The main purpose of book binding is to make the book durable so as to protect written documents. However, book binding also improves the general appeal or attractiveness of the book. Sometimes, book binding is made to encompass the repairing of damage books such as replacing lost or torn sheet, sewing loose sheets together or replacing the cover of the book with a new one.

Cartooning: Its Unique Characteristics and Uses

Cartoons are simple sketches or drawings with exaggerated features which are satirical or humorous and usually published in newspapers, magazine or periodicals. Most cartoons combine words and drawings to convey their messages while others express their message through the drawings only. The artist who specializes in the creation of cartoons is called a cartoonist.

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