Custom Framing & Acceptable Mounting Methods

When you are in the market to have something custom framed, there are some things to discuss with your framer in regard to proper mounting methods. Different types of art work require different mounting techniques, and what works for one may be inappropriate for another. Following are three commonly used methods and some guidelines as to when they should be used.

The Last Supper Prints by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Last Supper print by Leonardo da Vinci is an influential painting by one of the world’s greatest artists. This article uncovers information on The Last Supper and discusses Da Vinci’s career in detail. The painting shows Jesus Christ, the Christian icon, in the last few days of his life as he sits around with friends in a scene included in Christian biblical writings. The exact verses have becoming much more frequently studied because of this and other paintings that have become famous since.

How to Draw a Spider (Tarantula)

Tarantula is a large hairy spider found primarily in the rainforests of Southern America, in some parts of Australia, Southern Europe, Southern Asia, and the deserts of Africa. There are as many as three hundred odd species of Tarantulas ranging in a leg span of five and a half inches to thirteen inches; the largest Tarantula- Pseudotherathosa apophysis. They are known to feed on grasshoppers, lizards, small birds, frogs, & snakes and live as long as thirty years.

How to Draw a Dump Truck

A dump truck is a specialized truck used to dump materials ranging from mud, rocks, sand to garbage. Equipped with a hinged bed and hydraulically operated, a dump truck empties the contents of its tray on the ground without any manual labor. It is an indispensable part of any construction work site. In the United Kingdom and Australia, a dump truck is referred to as tipper lorry and tip truck.

Find Vintage Posters

If you go to any art auction whether it is live, or online you will definitely come across vintage posters. These items are becoming extremely popular and can be found if you know where to look.

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