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The Song Of The Lark by Jules Adolphe Breton

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago hands of of the finest pieces of Barbizon Art in the museum an that is The Song of The Lark” by Jules Adolphe Breton. This masterpiece has captured everything that is known to be Barbizon.

Japanese Woodblock Prints – Collecting Ukiyo-e Art

Buying original art for enjoyment and investment can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Learn why Japanese woodblock prints are a great place to start. Ukiyo-e, as it is called, is beautiful, mysterious, highly decorative, affordable and over the last ten years has become a sound investment at a time of financial uncertainty. This is great art from the nineteenth century with a story to tell. Find out more about buying and investing in Japanese prints.

Portrait Artists – You Can Do It

By all means you can become one of the many portrait artists in the world. If you think you are falling short in your techniques; take lessons. With today’s technology much education can be found on video on demand. Information is at your fingertips as you tap your keyboard entering the Internet.

Landscape Artists – Learn How

Are you attempting how to be a better landscape artist? There are three necessities in painting landscapes. You need to consider the background setting, the foreground area, and what is needed in the middle.

Why Do People Create Avatars Online?

In this article I’d like to talk about the a recent trend that is allowing a lot of people to create their identity online. What I’m talking about here is known to Internet users as an avatar or cartoon or yourself. The first reason that you can assume that people would cartoon themselves is because they want to hide their identity.

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