SEW WITH ME | Square Neck Top Pattern by Friday Pattern Company

SEW WITH ME | Square Neck Top Pattern by Friday Pattern Company

Backdrops For Parties – Four Fun Ideas

Backdrops for parties are usually a good idea. It depends on the situation.

Mata Ortiz Pottery & Restaurant Decorating

You really don’t have to look to far today to see the emerging new trends in restaurant decorating. It’s the new food and dining related TV shows that are bringing it all into people living rooms. Amazing design work that it turns out, even features Mata Ortiz pottery.

Art Deals on Mata Ortiz Pottery – Don’t Get Taken!

There is only one thing better than acquiring a great piece of Mata Ortiz pottery and that is picking it up on one of those rare and hard to find art deals that it seems always seem to happen to other people. The fact is though that you can shave your odds if you know what to look for before hand.

Making Your Own Oil Portraits

If you are aiming to create your own oil portraits, you should know the different techniques and strategies of oil painting. You have to be careful in the selection of color and its application.

The Art Buying Public Discovers Mata Ortiz Pottery

Mata Ortiz pottery is now the latest trend in art collecting. What is it and will this trend in art buying last?

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