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Northern British Art

The Annual Northern English Art Show In Harrogate. During the spring of 2008, the first Northern Art Show was held in the Harrogate International Centre, North Yorkshire. This superb facility is the third largest of its kind in England.

Buying Contemporary Art for Your Home

For many homeowners their ultimate dream is to buy contemporary art to hang on the walls of their beloved home. Buying contemporary art can enhance your home as well as add a feeling of accomplishment and culture. However, for many of people the concept of buying art can be a little intimidating.

The Virgin and Child With St Anne and St John the Baptist by Leonardo DaVinci

It is difficult to as to where to start when writing about such a monumental work. Truly this work of art is possibly one of the 10 greatest creations of Western Civilization.

Christ Washing The Feet Of His Disciples by Nicolas Bertin

We have here a masterpiece of Baroque Art by no one less than the great Nicolas Bertin. This incredible masterwork displays all the characteristics that are known as the Baroque.

Peasants Bringing Home a Calf by Jean-Francois Millet

Peasants Bringing Home a Calf by Jean-Francois Millet is a fine example of the natural style so present in Barbizon Painting. The image is of two peasant farmers bring a new-born calf to farm yard. In the case here glowing light comes for down the path in the distance towards the left side of the painting.

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