Set the color on your printer for sublimation and print then cut - fix color issues on printers

Set the color on your printer for sublimation and print then cut – fix color issues on printers

How to Draw Wolverine – It is Not That Difficult

In the world of comic book heroes, Wolverine, from the X-men series, is among the most popular. Wolverine is a powerful mutant with tremendous self healing abilities and knife like claws. To the beginner, drawing this glorious being may seem difficult.

Florence and Art – The Site of Unbound Artistry

Initially named as Florentia, Julius Caesar originally established Florence in 59 BC as a settlement for his veteran soldiers. It was therefore, built in the style of an army camp. Presently, it is the capital city on the banks of River Arno in the region of Tuscany, North Italy. Florence is one of Tuscany’s most populous cities with around 3,67,000 inhabitants.

Four Dimensional Painting – Transcending Beyond Reality

Four-Dimensional Painting – The Concept The famous Spanish artist Joan Miro i Ferra pioneered the concept of four-dimensional painting. As apparent from the term, in this style the portrayal goes beyond three-dimensionality, foraying into the fourth one. Just like any artwork, this style too manifests an artist’s creativity and philosophy, which continues to fetch appreciation from critics and art lovers alike.

The Printer Language

Printing is a process for reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper using a printing machine/device. Printing clients should have knowledge of printing terminologies in order to better understand the developments in their printing projects. The following are some of the most common printer language.

Sculpture Styles

A sculpture is a fantastic three-dimensional art form. Sculpted works are made from the four basic processes of carving, modelling, casting and constructing, and the styles used by artists range from portrait, figurative and surrealist. A portrait sculpture captures a representation of a human, and the face and expression are the main focus.

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