Screen print bleached shirt - Bleaching tee technique

Screen print bleached shirt – Bleaching tee technique

Prints on Canvas – Select a Dependable Company

Prints on canvas are gaining popularity simply because of the durability and quality that is gives to the photos that are converted into it. There is advancement in technology everywhere to be seen and the art world is also not left untouched. The photography world has been gifted by the prints on canvas and people are simply flooding towards the online studios, as they want to get their photos converted into canvas prints.

Using Watercolours to Paint

The first origins of watercolours has been hard to trace, but the evidence that they have been around for a very long time can be found within the caves once inhabited by Palaeolithic man. Perhaps some crushed stone, dried blood or ash accidentally got mixed with a few drops of water and its properties as paint were revealed.

Colour Basics For Acrylic Artists

Understand basic colour theory and making a logical palette. How to tell quality of modern acrylic paints in the tri-chromatic mixing of black. Master acrylic paints.

Native American Sculpture and Textile Arts

On the Northern Pacific coast lived tribes for example the Haida, Tlingit and Kwakiutl. Fishing gave many of them a high standard of living. They employed professional artists, who excelled at carving; they decorated 12m tall cedar trunks with animals and scenes from legend. These totem poles stood outside the communal homes – like a coat-of-arms, they identified the resident families.

Winsor and Newton Art Materials

Since before the exponents of the Arts and Crafts movement were born, the art world has been supplied by Winsor and Newton. The company was founded by William Winsor (note: not Windsor) and Henry Newton in 1832 in central London, which at the time was at the heart of the artists’ quarter. The two founders were both artists themselves and saw great potential what were to be their products.

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