Scrap Fabric Drawstring Lined Gift Bag Tutorial | Gifting Vegan Bunny Candles

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Digital Fantasy Art – Is It an Advantage or Disadvantage?

Digital fantasy art is becoming more popular, more skilled and more advanced than ever before.  Is this relatively new art form worth learning or is it just a pain?  Are you better learning it or better staying with traditional mediums?

The Art of Drawing Perspective Drawings – Part 2

I have worked in the graphics Industry for over 30 years and my main is to give back what I have learned over the the years. Starting to teach Perspective online I hope will help everyone involve with art to be a better artist. Trained in all forms of art, perspective has always been my favorite.

Oil Change Tools and Basics

So you want to do perform an oil change on your own? It’s not that hard! Read this guide for a primer to get you on your way to one DIY automotive maintenance.

Digital Fantasy Art Beginnings

Digital fantasy art is something everyone can learn.  If you love fantasy and want to create your own art you need a few things to start.  There are a couple of ways to create your own art.

Graphic Design for CD Packaging

Graphic Design for CD Packaging and Music. Some hints and tips on getting the best from your CD cover.

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