AE Templates – Satisfying an “Always On” Society

The entertainment business is big business, both on and off the screen; with production teams, film and television vying for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Broadcasters will implement nearly anything that will give them the competitive edge. Many are actively searching for new and innovative methods to grab the attention of the modern consumer as the industry trends of intensifying competition show no signs of slowing.

What’s In God’s Eye’s? Originally Simplistic, They Have Evolved Into Intricate Art

The “Ojo de Dios”, or “God’s Eye”, in its original form, is a simple weaving made across two sticks and is thought to have originated with the Huichol Indians of Jalisco, Mexico. Although the origin appears to be from the Huichol, the Native American Indians of the southwest United States (Pimas, Pueblos and Navajos) seem to have inherited the tradition of the symbolic weavings. Once simple diamonds woven into two stick crosses, over the years, they became four sticks with eight sides. Then, in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the art form began to evolve into even more complicated and intricate pieces of art.

Van Gogh Starry Night

Van Gogh’s Starry Night – what could it mean? View our critical interpretation of the Starry Night by Van Gogh.

Learn How to Draw A Horse

Learning how to draw animals such as a horse can be a a daunting task for many people. However with some simple tips and techniques you can become great at drawing animals such as horses, cats and bears.

Color Combination Suggestions to Draw the Eye

Color is crucial to visual communication. It’s a basic property of light. It captures your eye. Color impressions are both quick and long lasting. The human brain requires a sense of order or it will reject whatever it sees. It’s important to remember that color is the first thing registered by a person. If it is pleasing, they will read on — if it’s displeasing you may lose them in a nano second. Marketing psychologists’ state – “color accounts for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of what a person sees” – a lasting impression is made within ninety seconds. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. The colors used for a product, web site, business card, or logo cause powerful re-actions. Decisions about color are a critical factor in success of any visual experience. Color combinations can attract or distract. The right color combinations can be as important as the individual colors.

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