Rob & Bob Digital Cricut Mystery Box

Rob & Bob Digital Cricut Mystery Box

3D Texture Maps – Considerations For Animations

Most animators learn early on that if you can do it with a Texture map, then do not model it. For animators who do high-resolution film cinematic work, this can often be impossible to do. Texture maps tend to fall apart visually as you get closer. The only workaround is to model it.

Removing Nonessential Animated Components – 3D Animation

By figuring out which areas you can cut down with respect to objects, you will find that both your scene editing process and the rendering times are greatly reduced. The principle of “less is more” holds true for high-detail scenes and animation. There will be times when you realize that a particular element within your scene can be eliminated-at least as geometry-from the rendered shot.

Western Paintings – Neo-Minimalism – A Meditative Post-Modern Art

Neo-Minimalism is an art movement of the late 20th and 21st century. As a part of Post Modern Art, Neo-minimalism brought Minimalist Art closer to Meditative Art by paving way to contemplation for the viewer. In removing the excesses, as Meditative Art form, Neo-minimalism tries to help the viewer analyze the subject and transcend to a higher plane of consciousness. Besides an artist’s genius in painting, it also tries to express the greater will through its concept and creation.

Western Paintings – Monochrome Painting – A Meditative Art

The Contemporary Art form Monochrome Painting, as the name suggests, employs single color. The tonality and the expressivity of a single texture characterize this art form. Monochrome Painting originated as an art movement in the late 19th century, gaining further momentum during the World War I, when Dada (or Neo-Dada) activist group rejected the traditional aesthetics in art forms. Few famous examples of its whimsical nature in that period are a blank canvas titled ‘A White Cow in a Snowstorm,’ and an all black painting called ‘Negroes Fighting in a Cellar at Night.’

Western Art – Macchiaioli – The Italian Lovers of Light and Color

Macchiaioli, a group of Italian painters from Tuscany, was active in during 1850s-1900. They painted outdoor views to portray natural light, shades, and colors. These Tuscan artists were the predecessors of the early Renaissance painters and in many ways were the direct descendants of the Impressionists.

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