Reverse Tie Dye with Bleach and Color

Reverse Tie Dye with Bleach and Color

Photo to Canvas Prints – 5 Ways to Ensure Perfect Print Quality

As increasingly more and more people are adopting a love for photo to canvas prints, the amount of online companies that deal in photo to canvas transfers has also raised substantially. As you now have many more choices on hand, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine which company is right for you. Below are a few areas that you may want to keep an eye on when buying a photo to canvas print.

Banksy Graffiti – Is it Art Or Vandalism?

The bonding between Banksy and graffiti or/and street art is not to be denied, particularly where The Bristol graffiti movement and industry is involved. His popularity and success today is due to his symbolic graffiti, portraits and also his true identity which remains a well-kept secret from the public at large. Even after 20 plus years of producing attention-grabbing graffiti and art, his identity including his actual looks and name is still a huge mystery. Banksy Graffiti is an excellent choice for both art collectors and investors with the majority of the artist’s works commanding rocket high prices.

Parmigianino – The Little One From Parma

Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola (1503-1540), a prominent Italian Post-Renaissance (14th-16th centuries) Mannerist painter and etcher, was nicknamed Parmigianino or Parmigiano, meaning ‘the little one from Parma.’ Eighth child of the Italian painter Filippo Mazzola (1460-1505) and Maria di ser Guglielmo, Parmigianino lost his father to plague at just two years of age.

Banksy Canvas

Street and graffiti artist Banksy’s influence in Bristol and UK is not to be denied. His career began in Bristol during the 1980s as part of the aerosol boom which witnessed many street artists such as he himself and others, along with musicians working on a series of projects. After some time, Banksy managed to develop a unique technique which combined graffiti writing and stenciling, a technique which is said to be popularized by Blek le Rat.

Banksy Monkey – Banksy Fallen Angel

For individuals who do not know or who are not familiar with the name Banksy, the graffiti and street artist’s success and fuss surrounding him can be intimidating indeed. Started from humble beginnings during Bristol’s aerosol boom era, his road to success was well on the way when he succeeded in developing a unique trademark technique which combined stencilling (akin to Blek le Rat’s) and graffiti writing.

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