Fashion Tumblrs

Tumblr has proven to be a staple in the fashion community. Find out why tumblr works so well for fashion bloggers in this article.

In Love With ‘Love’

Rumi, the celebrated Persian philosopher and poet said, “Listen to the flute (ney), how it tells a tale complaining of separation! Saying, “Ever since I was separated from the reed bed my lament has caused man and woman to moan.” This axiom implies the pathos of real love, the tradition of Ishq (True Love) that encompasses human being in the corporeal world and throws it way beyond the limitation of mortality and transience; thus Ishq is considered, by the mystics, the only way of attaining immortality and fervency.

Mexican Art at Auction Reaches Beyond State and National Borders to Attract Charitable Donations

Mexican art has been popular in international markets for decades. CORAL, a charity for the hearing impaired based in Oaxaca, south central Mexico, has taken the bold initiative of offering Mexican art at auction both in Mexico City, and in San Francisco, for very good reason.

Gecko Carving

I did a carving of a leopard in Leopardskin Jasper back about 1991. In our travels with our gem business, the carving created a bit of a stir wherever we went. Because of it, a lady commissioned me to carve a gecko from Leopardskin Jasper.

Color Harmony Paintings Achieved Through a Split Complimentary Color Scheme

Do you wish you could paint more color harmony paintings? Have you tried using the color wheel to achieve your color harmony paintings? Believe it or not learning to paint color harmony paintings is not as hard as it may seem at first.

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