QuickSwap™ tools for Cricut Maker®: Wavy Blade

QuickSwap™ tools for Cricut Maker®: Wavy Blade

Robert J. Loescher – A Greater Art History Professor There Never Was!

Rober J. Loescher was the director for art history, theory and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He was the most stimulating and illuminating professor of Art History that I have have known.

Art Auctions Today

When you hear the words “art auction”, what images do they invoke? Perhaps you imagine a stuffy room in an old mansion filled with upper class art collectors competing for the finest pieces of art by calling out the highest bid. Perhaps you would never picture yourself at one of those events. The world of art auctions has come a long way since the time when they were reserved only for the very wealthy.

Wall Art Options Available To You

Wall decoration with artworks such as European tapestries, murals wallpaper, wall lettering, sculpture and the rest is gaining ground in the world today. This noble art started in the ancient era and has continued up till date. Art can be seen in some public places like churches, resort centres, restaurants and even in some classrooms.

Art Movements in the 19th Century

The history of art movements is much like a pendulum. It swings from one extreme to the other, hardly ever stopping in the moderate middle. It is the same with art movements in the 19th century.

Tykylevits – The Absurdist Video Aritst From Finland

The prolific absurdist video artist known online as Tykylevits, creates wonderful video art pieces. Learn more about the fat man from Finland.

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