Print Then Cut in Cricut Design Space

Print Then Cut in Cricut Design Space

How to Draw Naturally Using the Blob Brush

Adobe Illustrator is an amazing piece of software. You can do just about anything with it. Feel free to edit your photos if you’d like.

Stained Glass – What is the Best Way to Start?

There are many different things that you can make with stained glass. You can make beautiful windows, lampshades, clocks and even jewelery boxes. You can make almost anything. Stained glass has been around for hundreds of years.

Creativity Blocked? An Artists Easel May Be Just the Thing

Artists, in need of motivation? A multifaceted artist’s easel will allow you to raise that canvas off the ground and bring it up to eye-level to get those creative juices flowing. Artist’s easels are designed to accommodate portraits and drawings in many sizes, as well as the artist.

Painting a Bottle – Learn the Process of Waste Out of Best

Creativity is endless.We do not realize that any waste product in the house can be used for making something, which looks unbelievable. You must have never thought to paint a bottle as a housewarming gift for someone or even a bottle for yourself to might just have used as a dishwashing soap.

Veduta – The City Horizon Captured on Canvas

The origination of Veduta can be traced back to the 16th century with the first of Vedute (plural) making their mark in the city of Flanders, a region shared by present day Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. By the 17th century, the royal and wealthy Dutch families were proudly flaunting the amazingly detailed, painted vistas. The majestic views of the River Thames in London are also amongst the initial Vedute works. Venice emerged as the hub of Venduta in around mid-eighteenth century.

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