Press Your First Mug

Press Your First Mug

How to Draw a Raccoon

Nocturnal animal, Raccoon is a native of North and South America. Growing up to around thirty-two inches in length, an adult raccoon generally weighs between eleven and eighteen pounds. These animals are omnivores and use their sharp front paws and long fingers to hunt. Their diet includes frogs, fish, insects, birds, eggs, fruits, nuts, and grains. Raccoons usually find shelter in underground burrows or dens inside hollowed trees.

How to Draw a Koala

Australian native marsupial, Koala belongs to the Phascolarctidae Family. It is unique in the way that none of the other species from this family is surviving. Koalas reside on the trees of the costal and some inland regions of Australia. They primarily feed on Eucalyptus leaves, but resort to certain others in the time of need.

Painting Classes Offering The Fundamentals Of Paintings

Los Angeles Painting Classes are conveniently located in the vicinity of the place. They provide lessons for kids and adults and students receive personalized coaching within a group environment.

An Introduction to Collage Painting and The Necessary Skills to Begin With

Collage Painting is a proven art form that shows a good imaginative, provocative, and frequently funny outlook by employing typical, daily objects as subject matter. Collage is an aged French word meaning to adhere or to paste down.

How to Draw an Ostrich

African native Ostrich is one of the largest flightless birds. It belongs to the Struthionidae family and is the only extant species of its kind. Despite heavy bodies (63 to 133 kilograms), ostriches are exceptionally good runners due to their strong legs. Their land speed is approximately 70 kilometers an hour, which is by far the highest record for any bird. Ostriches are known for their soft, multi-layered feathers that hold air inside and provide excellent insulation. As many as five subspecies of ostriches have been identified that vary in appearance.

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