Press an Iron-on T-Shirt

Press an Iron-on T-Shirt

The Coolest Zombie Stickers

Are you a zombie lover or a zombie hunter? No matter what you are and how you feel about these flesh-eating creatures, you can easily display your sentiment by sporting zombie bumper stickers that will make you an authority on these animated corpses.

Top 10 Zombie Graphic Novels and Comics

Check out your favorite television show about the undead and in most cases, it will probably based on zombie graphic novels. These fictional creatures have not only multiplied but they have also mutated depending on which top zombie movies you are presently watching. The top 10 zombie comics list will give you a good grasp of the different types of zombies in your midst whether they have been based on zombie books or comics…

Do You Believe You Can’t Draw Cartoons?

Do you believe you are artistically talented? If you’re like most of the people around your answer could be a resounding no. Most of the people do not think they have any artistic ability. Most probably because they do not have anyone in their close family with dexterity with some form of art. So for most of them as you can imagine it’s a myth or self-imposed limitation if you will.

Cartoon Drawing Skill and Computers

Do you love 2D cartoon animation shows? If you are like me then your answer is an obvious yes. But do you know how animations are made? Most of the young stars have an idea that animations are made using computers. Actually this cannot be farther from truth. Because, actually computers have very little role to play in making of these animation shows.

Cartoon Drawing Skill: Benefits of Having It

Maybe like many you are a fan of cartoon shows. But it never occurred to you that you too can make beautiful cartoons. And this may be quite natural because there are so many other things to do for a young star these days! Apart from watching cartoon shows you can have fun with your friends, go and play football or you can even join Facebook and spend many hours just by socialising with other kids. So yes there is nothing surprising that you never thought of taking cartooning as a hobby or even a future profession.

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