Pop Up Christmas Tree Card with Cricut

Pop Up Christmas Tree Card with Cricut

Dokra Craft – Human Civilization’s Oldest Form of Non Ferrous Metal Casting

As you have learnt from the title, Dokra craft indeed ranks among the oldest and most ancient processes of metal casting of the non ferrous variety that human civilization is acquainted with. You perhaps won’t believe it, but this type of Indian handicrafts or brassware handicrafts date back to the era of Indus valley civilization some 4500 years back.

Drawing Cars and the Tools You Need

If you are going to be drawing cars there are some tools you will need. Just like drawing anything else you need to have the proper tools on hand to do the best job possible. Unfortunately having the proper tools will not make you a better artist, they will only help you translate the image to paper.

Quickly Learn to Draw Cars Like a Pro

If you want to start right out drawing cars in less that 30 minutes, you should try using the book “How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy.” The author lays it out in easy to understand terms that can be used by anyone, even if you have never drawn a car before.

Step by Step to Draw Dragon Cartoons

Dragons have fascinated us for as long as we can remember that we can see the picture everywhere. You will learn step by step on how to bring these creatures into your world with your own hand. Just prepare the magic tool in front of you: paper and pencil.

Understanding CMYK Colour Versus Pantone-Spot Colour

Pantone is the standard language for colour identification and communication and the worldwide expert on colour. Pantone colour guides allow clients, designers, and manufacturers to select, specify, match, and control colour in many diverse applications.

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