Plaque Cards With Cricut Joy | The Joy of Christmas with Maymay

Plaque Cards With Cricut Joy | The Joy of Christmas with Maymay

Asmat Woodcarving

The typical Asmat woodcarving is one of Indonesian cultural wealth that already has a name for foreign tourists. The characteristics of the Asmat carving are a unique pattern and naturalist. From the patterns, you can see the complexity of how to make it. Thus, they become a valuable carving work.

The Background of Java Carving Art

Traditional motives of Java carvings are many. So, you can get difficulty to take one of them if you do not know the basic pattern. That is why, you should know first about the name, shape and characteristics of the carved motifs. In general, the carving motifs in Java and Bali always use the technique of stylized from plants, animals and sometimes humans too.

Andy Warhol Prints – Condition Issues Important Or Age Appropriate?

Andy Warhol made limited edition prints from the 1960’s until his death in 1987. His early prints are the most iconic and well known by the general populace.

Get Ready, Get Set, Draw Cars

Prepare yourself for success. We’re going to discuss in this article how to get your area ready, get your plan in mind, and begin to draw a car. Get Ready!

Places to Find Photo Canvas Frames

Making your photo into a canvas print is a unique way to turn boring pictures into works of art. A canvas print is a photo that has been scanned into a computer and then printed out onto canvas material normally used for paintings. The only thing left to do after receiving your canvas prints is to put them in a frame that compliments the photo and brings out its essence. Read on to find out more!

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