Pinterest Inspired Design Space Class - 10/23/21

Pinterest Inspired Design Space Class – 10/23/21

Origami – A Great Way to Train Fine Motor and Cognitive Skills

Origami is a safe and simple form of art for children of all ages. This inexpensive activity has so many benefits both physical and cognitive, it’s great to practice at homes and school for everyone.

Notes on How to Write Calligraphy Alphabets

Uncial, Gothic, Italic and Roundhand are the four main scripts with which you will probably want to be famliar. It is a good idea to study illustrations of these calligraphy alphabets if you’re not too sure of the differences between their appearances.

Drawing Cars is Easy – The Headlights

A car’s headlights are like a person’s eyes, we look at them as if they were eyes. On modern cars, the headlights are highly stylized, they blend into the fenders and create a unified “look.” Some extra time spent in drawing the front lights correctly will pay dividends in making certain that the likeness of the car is accurate.

What Dirty Stuff is on My Artwork? 3 Tips What NOT to Do

Two short interesting personal art stories you will find very valuable. Do it yourselfers should think more like a caretaker before they start cleaning their artwork, heirlooms, memorabilia, collectibles. Don’t be a “bull in a china closet” when it comes to historical, valuable memories of the past. More damage can be done than in an earthquake or flood.

Beginning Art Paintings

Starting off as an artist isn’t easy especially if you’re planning to do art paintings. There are a number of steps that you have to take into consideration before actually putting your ideas into paintings.

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