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An Elegant Company by Pieter Codde

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago is the painting “An Elegant Company” by the 17th Century Dutch master Pieter Codde. This painting depicts a social engagement of an upper class family in Holland.

The Terrace by a Follower of Antonio Canal

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago is the painting “The Terrace” by a follower of the great landscape master Giovanni Antonio Canal. This lovely piece gives a view of an Italian urban neighborhood towards the later part of the afternoon.

Two Sisters (On the Terrace) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Without doubt “Two Sisters (On the Terrace)” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir it one of the most celebrated of all French Impressionist paintings and certainly one of the most popular painting at the Art Institute of Chicago where it hangs in the Pritzker Galleries. This magnificent masterpiece demonstrates the beauty and majesty of color that make the French Impressionist so love by all.

Colouring Pictures of Fairies – What Do You Need for the Perfect Fairy Picture?

Colouring pictures of fairies may at first seem easy, but colouring like any other skill can be done well or badly.  Firstly there are the tools you will need.  These may depend on the type of picture you have.

Banksy – An Overview

Overview to the UK street artist Banksy. Graffiti vandal or modern artist?

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