Peek a boo tshirt - How to cut a shirt - TikTok trend - Sublimation - HTV

Peek a boo tshirt – How to cut a shirt – TikTok trend – Sublimation – HTV

Turn Photos on Canvas Into Abstract Art

Abstract art is just how it sounds – abstract. Things don’t have to line up perfectly, they don’t have to match, and they don’t even have to have a theme. You can take some of your favorite photographs and turn them into abstract art with a little cut and paste. It is very easy to use family members, landscapes, object, and so much more to create some extremely unique art works that you can be proud to hang anywhere.

Why Do People Buy Oil Paintings and What You Need to Know Before You Do

Over the last few years with the advent of online shopping playing such a large part in most people’s busy lives online art galleries have sprung up all over the internet and people are taking full advantage of the comparative ease this medium allows people who would not ordinarily walk into a high street gallery to buy oil paintings from the convenience of their laptop. If you have ever thought of joining in then I have a few insider pointers that you may like to consider before you go ahead and buy oil paintings.

Landseer Paintings

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer is a well known English artist who gained prominence with his paintings of the 19th century. Landseer’s paintings are respected and remembered for his use of animals including horses, dogs and stags. Famously, he also created the lions sculptures which are to be found in Trafalgar Square, London. Edwin Landseer’s skillful techniques were developed early in his life and continued to develop over the full length of his career as he took in new experienced and emotions.

The Attraction of Watercolour Painting As a Medium

An article about watercolour painting, why I love it and why it is a great hobby to take up. I have been painting watercolour for decades, and never tire of it’s dynamic qualities which are totally different to oils or acrylics. It is great in a number of practical ways also as my article will show.

Advice For People That Get Confused by Art For Sale and How to Prevent It

Paintings and Art for sale in general is very simple for me, I either like it, love it, loath it or I am indifferent about it. A painting either pleases my eye or it displeases it or worst of all it leaves me cold. I am not a subscriber to the “What is the artist trying to express to us here” modern school of thought…

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