Paring fonts the easy way - Font Duos on Cricut Design Space - Text for beginners

Paring fonts the easy way – Font Duos on Cricut Design Space – Text for beginners

Moorcroft Pottery – One Man’s Dream

The Moorcroft Pottery was established in 1913 in Burslem, Stoke on Trent by William Moorcroft (born 1872). He had previously been the designer in the new art pottery department at the James Macintyre & Co factory at Stoke-on-Trent.

10 Shocking Rape Scenes in Shunga

In the Shunga prints that were produced during the 17th and 18th Century the emphasis of the images was on the expression of excitement, lust and love showing sex on a voluntary basis by both partners. However, at the end of the 18th Century erotic images slowly changed sometimes depicting involuntary sex, in most cases showing ugly hairy men forcing themselves on innocent young girls. The following ten rape designs (a link to the pictures of these designs can be found at the end of the article!) are striking examples of this specific theme.

Find Face Painting Ideas Online

The concept of face painting was first introduced by warrior tribes, who used to blacken their faces before going into battle. Along with a threatening “rebel yell”, the uneven designs around eyes and cheeks made them look and feel a lot more ferocious.

Cityscape Paintings Are Not Just For Urbanites

What speaks more eloquently of our 21st century lifestyle than a cityscape? When we consider a painting of Manhattan’s skyline, for instance, we don’t even need a title for the piece: the Chrysler building and the Empire State building are iconic American images. By day, cities gleam from the sun and by night they illuminate the darkness themselves, with their own incandescent liveliness. Neon signs, halogen streetlamps and fifty-foot tall billboards make a cityscape’s light by night enchanting to one and all.

How to Write a Motion Graphics Design Or Animation Treatment

The very first thing you will write on any treatment is the name of the project, so it is highly advisable to make sure you get this part correct. When taking a brief it is always a good idea to take as detailed notes as possible about all aspects of the project including the people involved, key words, reference material, technical aspects or limitations, audio preferences and project working titles.

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