Paper Lighthouse Template: A 3D Papercraft Luminary!

Paper Lighthouse Template: A 3D Papercraft Luminary!

Graphic Design Tips

There are a few rules that if followed will dramatically increase the amount of traffic into your store. The rules will work for any type of car graphics but are especially important for signs, banners and car graphics. The important thing to consider is that colors, fonts and white space have an enormous impact on the readability of the sign.

Learn Calligraphy Today

Calligraphy can be mastered by anyone. Like all other skills this is an excellent skill to master, it is also very easy to learn calligraphy. Calligraphy is a skill that many people feel envious of. It makes invitations, menu’s and posters look extremely elegant and beautiful.

Selling Art – How Do I Learn the Business of Selling Art?

How do I learn the business of selling art? For upstart artists, this is the most important question that they can ask themselves and the most crucial to find the answers to. One mistake young artists make and even some older veterans make is they think of their art as an artistic creation rather than a business.

How to Sell Artwork on a Tight Budget

If you are an Artist on a tight budget, then spending money on marketing your artwork can be difficult. You then need to start thinking outside the box and sell artwork in other ways. This article shows you 4 other ways of selling your artwork.

Art Mosaic Artists

We’re all familiar with the mosaic tile that decorates our bathrooms and kitchens. You’ll find mosaic art in the design of pools, too. Aside from these familiar spaces, there are many other unconventional uses and art forms that incorporate mosaic artistry.

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