The Art Of Model Yachts

Coming from the far reaches of the steel grey ocean, a small, slender boat sails slowly toward the shore. This ship moves with extreme grace and an overall peaceful presence. What many don’t know is that this ship excels at both moving in fast and slow gears. This yacht type of boat is among the top favored boats in the world. With its smooth appearance that speaks of wealth, these boats are always in demand for purchase. More than anything else though, this boat began as one of high adventure at breakneck speeds.

Art Fundamentals

Hi, so the other day I was on Yahoo Answers, and I came across someone asking for some tips on starting to do art. This person wanted to know about color, how to make things realistic, etc. Well I told them, there are some fundamentals they should look over before starting.

Color Theory Basics

Color is one of the basic fundamentals of art. It’s a pretty easy concept to grasp but it can help you with your art when you’re struggling. A lot of art classes will briefly go over color and some schools offer classes just for color theory.

Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter – A Huge Leap Forward For Handicrafting

The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter is an stand-alone automated cutting machine which takes the pain out of, and puts the fun into, home crafting. This review looks at the whole product range in detail.

Start Drawing Cartoons of Children – Three Key Tips

Drawing cartoons is a skill anyone can acquire with some guided practice. It is a skill anyone who can write can easily develop allowing you to produce fun cartoons of your, or your neighbor’s, children at ‘work’ or at play. Cartoons that will bring a smile to your lips a long time later.

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