October Viewer Mail

October Viewer Mail

Easel Picture – The Artistry on Framed Convenience

The Details As compared to the huge pictures on wall or ceiling, Easel Pictures are moderate in size. There are both, full height and shorter frames, available in the market. While the full-heighted ones stand on the floor independently, the short ones are mostly placed on a table or any raised platform to attain the convenient height required for painting comfortably. In fact, due to the ease of portability, short versions are preferred over the full-length ones. Easels are usually made of aluminum, steel, or wood. They are used to hold canvas, sketchbooks, blackboard, placard, or any other flat medium being worked upon. Completed works are also often fixed on these for display.

Foreshortening – An Illusion of Depth

Foreshortening is an art technique to create an illusion of 3-dimensional space in a picture plane. The basic principle is to use retrenching lines to draw an object as retreating into the background. The image is distorted to add depth to the painting by making the closer portion of the subject brighter and bigger than the parts away from the observer.

Edward Hopper – A Methodical Realist Artist

A prominent American Realist painter of the inter-war period, Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967) was best known for his oil and watercolor paintings on intense themes around solitude and melancholy. He made a unique use of light to capture the lonely mood of his subjects. His highly individualistic style, distant from the mainstream Abstract Expressionism, was influential in pop art and culture.

How to Stretch Your Silk Painting on a Canvas Frame in 10 Easy Steps

Many silk painting artists and hobby-craft people are constantly looking for new ways to present the works of art that they create. I often get asked if I have any suggestions as to what they could do. And the answer is yes. I’m going to discuss with you in this article how to stretch your silk painting on a canvas frame in a nice straight forward process. So let’s get started.

How to Preserve Print Copies of Art

Many people love to collect art, since art varies its definition to different people, it differs to the preference of the one who look at what art is. Though, it really doesn’t matter of what kind of art it is, the importance is how willing that person is to spend for such a masterpiece. Collecting art is not only for rich people but also for regular people who earn a daily living.

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