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Tintoretto – The Italian Renaissance Artist of Baroque Orientations

Jacopo Comin or the more popular ‘Tintoretto’ was one of the greatest Italian Renaissance painters of Venetian School. Born on September 29, 1518, in Venice, he was the eldest of 21 siblings. His nickname Tintoretto was derived from his father’s (Giovanni) occupation of that of a dyer.

Chicago and Art – A Break From Traditional Reality

Founded in 1833, Chicago is the third largest & most densely populated American city, and the largest one in the state of Illinois. Art in the city of Chicago, USA, is a ubiquitous phenomenon. The field here is vibrant and caters to the people of varied interests.

Marble Procedural Map in the 3D World

The Marble map, while procedural, offers a more realistic looking version of its name than some of its bitmap counterparts provide. As of your 3D application, there are now two marble maps, the generic Marble and a new map, Perlin Marble.

How to Draw a Realistic Portrait

Drawing a human portrait is probably one of the most difficult tasks for any artist. Even professional, well-known artists experience difficulties with drawing realistic portraits, not to speak of art students and amateurs who love drawing, enjoy the process and want to learn how to draw portraits.

Man-Made Animated Materials in the 3D World

Man-made materials are far easier to work with in both creation and animation. Why? Well, if you look around you, you are surrounded with all kinds of ideas for materials in your scene. Some materials are animated; some are not.

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