New Cricut Images 9/3/21

New Cricut Images 9/3/21

Paul Delaroche – A French Artist of Dramatic Flavor

Paul’s first picture to be exhibited was ‘Josabeth Saving Joas’ in 1822. During this time, he befriended his fellow French artists Theodore Gericault (1791-1824) and Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863), for life.

Are Pan Pastels Revolutionary?

A new product has come onto the art scene that is creating a bit of a stir among pastelists. Pan Pastels are a completely different concept that changes the way artists go about painting with pastels.

Joseph Raffael – Realistically Combining Nature and Life in Art

In 1969, the artist started repainting the oil canvases he had created with ten or more coats of white gesso. There was standing between each of the coats and Raffael diluted the oils with turpentine. This in turn gave his oil paintings a translucent shine. As his analysis of nature turned more Impressionistic, Raffael changed his mediums from oil to watercolor. He quit teaching in 1973 and became a full time painter.

Pencil Drawings – 5 Top Tips to Improve Your Drawing Technique

This article provides a guide to five top tips to improve your pencil drawing technique with information on pencils, erasers, paper, blending tones and keeping your artwork clean. This should provide helpful information and advice whether you are an amateur or professional artist.

Oil Painting Tips For Beginners at Oil Painting

Get to know the basics of what you need to get done when you’re making your own oil painting. What you need, and how to get started.

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