New Cricut Images 9/24/21

New Cricut Images 9/24/21

High End Image Editing in Custom Canvas Prints

The editing programs that they use to create these custom canvas prints offer them the ability to move an object with ease, just like taking apart a puzzle. They can choose one object, a set of objects, backgrounds and so much more from a picture and transfer it over to another, creating a truly unique third picture that never even happened – yet no one would know the difference.

Bouguereau Paintings

William-Adolphe Bouguereau is a famous 19th century French artist from the movement of Realism, of which Bouguereau’s paintings have played a key role in its development of that time. This article examines the success of Bouguereau and covers some of his best paintings from a career which amassed many hundreds.

Wayang As One of the Indonesian Traditional Art

Wayang is the Indonesian traditional art developed primarily in Java and Bali. UNESCO has recognized puppet show on November 7, 2003, as a work of amazing cultural stories in narrative and beautiful heritage and valuable (Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).

Ukiyo-e (Japanese Printing) Techniques

What is it regarding this old Japanese art that I love? One of the things I really love about the Japanese printmaking methods is that no matter how simple the design of the print, you can tell how it would require many years of practice in order to produce such artworks…

Art Giclee Prints

Art giclee prints are a exciting development in technology over the past few years which has revolutionised the way people buy art prints online, with better quality now available. Inkjet and newer more advanced printers have helped amateur artists and professional artists alike quickly offer their paintings in small series of prints with attractive prices to match.

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