New Cricut Images 9/17/21

New Cricut Images 9/17/21

How to Draw a Hummer and Anything Else With Wheels

Ever wondered how to draw a hummer, and actually get it to look like one? Unless you have a natural knack for drawing I am assuming it didn’t work out too well. That is the situation most face when it comes to drawing vehicles.

Art Tips – How to Sketch Moving Objects

When you decide to go from drawing figures that are posed to drawing a moving scene it will be much harder because you will not have the time to study moving figures the same as you would when the subject is posed on one spot for more than five minutes. When drawing a posed object you must quickly map out the shapes and form of the figure and the same technique is required for drawing moving objects. It is probably more important just to capture shapes the object is forming rather than trying to catch all the minor details.

Acrylic Paintbrush Techniques – For the Portrait Artist

This article looks at the best paint brushes to use as an acrylic portrait artist. It also looks at paintbrush techniques you might try on an acrylic painting.

The Rules of Submitting Artwork to Galleries

As an artist, you must spend a good amount of time researching on the numerous galleries and their “artist calls” and “submissions”. Cash prizes, awards, article publishing and exposure are a few of the benefits that some galleries offer. To do so you need know 3 basic rules.

Collecting Wallace Nutting Calendars With Hand Colored Photographs

Best known for his hand-colored photographs, books, and bench-made reproduction furniture during the early 20th century, Nutting also produced a wide variety of memorabilia items that are actively sought after by collectors today. This article will introduce you to calendars featuring Nutting’s hand-tinted photos.

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