New Cricut Images 9/10/21

New Cricut Images 9/10/21

Alberto Giacometti – An Artist With a Different Kind of Vision

Regardless of opinion, artists of all sorts have their own unique vision. Because of his, Alberto Giacometti became popular among art critics and fans. His works shown in museums were often the subject of awe and amusement.

Learn and Master Painting Lessons – Selecting a Home Study Oil Painting Course

We all want to Learn and Master what we learn in art courses whether they are home study or at a university or even at a local art center. Your painting lessons should receive just as much care and attention. Here are some points to consider when selecting a home study oil painting course.

Digital Images Created in Photoshop

The advent of Adobe Photoshop unleashed the ability to create and manipulate images in an almost infinite number of different ways. In this manner, Photoshop can be said to have changed the world’s perspective on reality.

A Brief History of Gothic Art

This was the age of chivalry. The Gothic movement lasted more than 200 years, beginning in Italy and spreading throughout Europe.

Landscape Artist – How to Use the Power of 3

When painting, my canvas is divided into 3 distinctive areas. Top, middle and bottom. A 3 tree combination. short, medium and tall are often included. I also paint with light, medium and dark colors.

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