New Cricut Images 8/6/21

New Cricut Images 8/6/21

From The Landscapes of Our Mind to the Landscape On Our Walls

The most iconic subject for a canvas painting is the landscape. What do we learn in grammar school in our art classes? We learn that a yellow circle is the sun and the rectangle is our house, with a flat expanse of grassy green indicating our front lawn. Perhaps we as schoolchildren threw in a few flowers or trees as well, tribute to our budding interest in becoming artists.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Photo to Canvas Print

Since more and more people are taking interest in photo to canvas prints, the number of firms that sells photo to canvas items has also increased considerably. When you have many options, it becomes difficult to decide on a company.

Making Use of a Grid to Transfer a Photo to Canvas

It is interesting to see some artists who make use of a grid in order to transfer photo to painting canvas. By gridding you can make a big difference as it is one of the best ways to exactly draw an image. The best part about gridding is that it lets you carry out your drawing or painting in smaller segments. This eventually helps in making marvelous image.

How to Draw Clouds

Many people believe that bringing the sky and the clouds on drawing paper is one of the easiest jobs. However, what appears like an obscure concentration of brume is much tricky to replicate. A well-drawn sky can add a distinctive touche to any type of scenery. Learn the art of sketching clouds in the following easy steps.

The Amazing Shaye Saint John

The cinematic genius of Shaye Saint John is revealed. Who is she, he, it?

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