New Cricut Images 8/13/21

New Cricut Images 8/13/21

Pattern Theory – A Beginner’s Guide to Printing

A brief explanation of pattern theory and how to use it in application to printing with blocks. This article will talk you through all the stages of creating patterns, from the most basic, linear patterns to complicated combinations of a number of techniques.

How To Figure Out Your Figurines In One Easy Lesson

This isn’t your childhood collection of Burger King’s Star Wars action figures. This isn’t a long-forgotten Beanie Babies plushie. When your artistic taste has matured enough to the point of considering adding figurine art to your home, you are ready to learn about kilns and firing techniques and enamel paints. It will all add to the enjoyment of your collection, believe me!

How to Sell Paintings Using Facebook

Are you an artist trying to capitalize on selling art online? Have you wondered how to sell paintings using Facebook? Selling paintings, via Facebook can be profitable for artists of all types. There are some advantages to selling paintings using Facebook, and there are many disadvantages. Here are some tips on using Facebook to sell paintings.

Introduction to 3D Modelling

Article explaining what 3D Modelling is and why it is used. Examples of where 3D Models are used.

Etched Glass – An Art and an Architectural Wonder Tool

Etched glass is a beautiful art form. It also provides energy efficiency and architectural tools for creative spaces.

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