New Cricut Images 7/9/21

New Cricut Images 7/9/21

Why Does HD Stock Footage Cost So Much?

Explains the reasons why people are willing to pay large amounts of money for stock footage. Provides 3 questions you should ask yourself before purchasing.

Drawing Cartoon Characters Through Animation Techniques

A great way to learn how to draw cartoon characters and add life to them is through studying some classical animation techniques. You don’t have to want to be an animator, but you should want to be willing to learn some valuable lessons that can potentially liven up your drawings with animation techniques such as squash and stretch, anticipation and exaggeration.

Make Your Home Glitter With Oil Paintings

Different types of oil paints are used for different things and they can make your home a site of fine decor and bliss with the way you make use of them. Oil Paintings are undoubtedly the top rated medium in this regard! Buy finest oil paintings of the world to get your home sparkle with their variations and style while make your home decor irresistible to you and appreciated by your visitors.

Indian Contemporary Art

Contemporary just means “art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes”. There is a certain amount of overlapping between “Contemporary” and “Modern” art.

Are Artists Using the Internet to Full Advantage?

Artists create websites and do not understand how to optimize them. There is so much art on the internet and virtually no statistics about how much is being sold over the net.

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