New Cricut Images 6/18/21

New Cricut Images 6/18/21

Everything You Need to Know About Making Art Lesson Plans

Art classes are unique in that you can never tell their outcome. The sheer creativity that goes into creating sketches, paintings, sculptures, and more is staggering. However, all art classes involve a bit of textbook learning as well. This is where art lesson plans are very useful indeed. Here are a few tips to consider when making your own.

The Yin and Yang of Art and Licensing

There is an internal tug of war that goes on for many artists who license their designs. We discuss the dilemma in the aisles of tradeshows, on message boards, blogs and more. Maybe you have felt it, too, but couldn’t quite name the feeling…

How to Draw a Female Pop Star

Plan your work. Have a clear picture in mind as to the type, size, and details of your favorite star’s portrait. A pencil sketch and a color drawing would differ in the final stages of the work. Choose the frame size with which you are reasonably comfortable. Too small a size may lack in finesse, whereas too large a size may go out of proportion. Another point of consideration will be the coverage area – face only, full-length, or somewhere in between.

A Dive Into the History of African Art

Long before the recording of accounts, the colorful history of African art has already been flourishing, reshaping itself with the contours of time. Depicting the versatile and elaborate societies and empires, African art history illustrates the vibrant civilizations and customs each group has nurtured with each consecutive generation. The oldest surviving examples are the rock carvings and paintings in Namibia, which are about 27,000 years old.

African Body Art – An Expression of Style, Beauty and Identity

African body art is used by men and women for various functions. They include but are not limited to festivals, feast celebrations, daily attire, beauty and force.

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