New Cricut Images 12/3/21

New Cricut Images 12/3/21

Creating a Typical 3D Character

Typical characters, whether they be human or otherwise, are something that we can all relate to. For instance, if you look at a cartoon, the facial features and movements of the characters are usually very human-like. In that sense, we can relate to the character. If nothing else, the movements are familiar to us. Creating a typical character is actually the most difficult for this very reason.

Modeling Various Kinds of 3D Characters

You can create all kinds of characters. Do not limit yourself to just people or animals. You can turn a microwave into a character just by giving it a bit a personality. If the folks at Budweiser can turn a few bottles into a football team, then anything is possible! The key is the animation component.

Another Method For Building 3D Characters

Another method for building characters is by breaking the body into an upper and lower half. If your character has an obvious waist, then this type of modeling might work best. Essentially, you’d use one or two objects for the top half and a similar method for the bottom half. Then, using either Boolean Union or just attaching via Editable Mesh, you can connect the character at the waistline.

Getting it Together in a Work of Art

Composition in art means something different than a writing assignment in an English class. Several elements must be put together to create composition.

Chainsaw Art

The personality, humor and style of the artist is expressed in ways many other mediums will not allow. From the bears holding signs that say, “Go Away”, to the large totem poles reminiscent of native cultures from the northwest, to the delicate detailed ice sculptures found at winter festivals, all are beautiful expressions of an artist’s vision.

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