New Cricut Images 12/17/21

New Cricut Images 12/17/21

Using Instances in 3D Modeling

An instance is an interdependent copy of a 3D Application’s object; when you make a change to any of the instances, all the other copies change also. Instances are useful in creating smaller-size files for the Web; when you use an instance, the set of faces that make up the instance object has to be defined only once in the virtual reality code. Consequently, you can use the same piece of geometry many times without any increase in the download time for the file.

Validating Yourself As an Artist

Recognize that you are an artist. Learn how other people’s professional title for you does not define your talent. Learn how to believe in yourself and your gift. Do not be limited by other’s biases.

Creative Ways to Produce and Display Regional Art

Learn the benefits of creating original regional art. Look to your environment for inspiration. Learn how regional art can appeal to patrons because it is a source of pride regarding the area in which they live. Offer a new take on local subject matter that can gain attention by your rendition of it.

Modeling Tools and Techniques For Virtual Reality

As with all files destined for display on the World Wide Web, smaller is better with VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language). On a standard 28.8KB modem with average network traffic, a file of 150K downloads in about 120 seconds.

Real-Time Modeling in 3D Gaming

Real-time 3D gaming relies on speed and must use only the bare basics of 3D to accommodate the extensive calculations necessary. These basics include limited geometry, limited texture map sizes and color depths, and often the use of Binary Separation Planes (BSPs) rather than slower z-buffering calculations for depth.

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