New Cricut Images 11/5/21

New Cricut Images 11/5/21

Fantastic Art – An Exploration of the Unreal

Fantastic Art – The Concept & Details This creative genre explores fantasy, imagination, dreams, visions, and the other worldliness. Associated closely with Symbolism, Fantastic Art revolves around mythology, mysticism, folklore, and occultism. Its Contemporary form further expands into capturing space scenarios, alien mythology, and the other uncanny elements of the unknown world. The mystique elements of Fantastic Art may be unpalatable for a viewer who values creativity as a pleasant experience. Owing to its thematic orientations, this genre is also called Visionary, Grotesque, or Mannerist Art.

Formalism in Art – The Significance of Forms

Style and Influences Formalism emphasizes on the style of execution, like brush strokes, color combinations, lines, light, and other structural aspects. In effect, such works are measured in the terms of their perceptual impact, instead of their sentimental force. Abstract art genres Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (particularly, the works of Paul Cezanne) were the significant influences on the development of Formalism.

Mission School – An American Flavor of Street Art

The Mission School derives its name from Mission District, better known as ‘The Mission,’ near San Francisco, US. As the name suggests, it is a regional art movement. Beginning in the 1990s, the alumni of the San Francisco Art Institute founded it. The school remains active even today. The freelance writer Glen Helfand first suggested the term ‘Mission School’ in the alternative weekly San Francisco Bay Guardian. In due course, the popularity and the reach of this provocative art form kept growing. This made the Mission District a hub of the intoxicating twentieth century street art.

Learning Drawing – Learn to Love Your Drawing and Create Wonders

Most of the people like to do the freehand drawing. Other than the painters, creative designers and people who are really not professional take it as a hobby. However, there are some people who love drawing but are confused because of bad experiences and criticism.Then you may get annoyed and irritated and finally may lose hope and give up.

Spirituality and the Business of Art

The Hollywood dictum ‘Nobody knows anything’ applies equally well to the art business. What follows are some notes from the trenches of the art world.

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