New Cricut Images 11/12/21

New Cricut Images 11/12/21

Identifying Authentic Roseville Pottery

Roseville antiques are really special, yet they are easy to reproduce. I will show you how to identify a real antique from a fake one through this short article.

The Change in Design

My career in the drafting field is has changed over the last couple decades. My father did drafting the old way you know where you use a thing called a pencil, and something they used to write on called paper, you know the white stuff.

The New Design Process

Technology is moving faster than ever and almost every field of design has felt the impact due to the advance. New software has enabled tasks in design areas to be done more efficiently and more cost effective with less area for mistakes.

Western Painting – Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood – A Reform Movement in Western Art

The Details Pre-Raphaelitism was all about expressing absolute, uncompromising truth by a meticulous rendition of the subject to the smallest detail. The landscapes were painted to the last touch and the portraits were replicated to every minute accessory. Their aim was to go back to the medieval art culture from the slovenly and imperfect style of Mannerism. Pre-Raphaelites viewed art as a means to convey high moral principles and ideals to the people, resulting in artwork related to moral and religious themes. Pre-Raphaelites were artisans, who believed in completeness and not just the decoration of canvas in bright colors.

Western Art – Neo-Romanticism – A Tale of Mixed Art Forms

Neo-Romanticism – The Concept & the History Neo-Romanticism cannot be categorized as a specific art movement belonging to a certain period. Continuing, it is still used widely to cover various styles until date. Neo-Romanticism was first observed in Europe, around 1880s, in response to Naturalism. It rejected the ugliness of the modern world, giving way to an art style that refuted reality and embraced fantasy.

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