New Cricut Images 10/22/21

New Cricut Images 10/22/21

Types of Art Paintings

Art paintings are practically available in different types and designs. They are a portrayal of artists’ imagination or simply a perfect drawing of god’s created wonders. Hence, if you’re really interested into paintings, you should get to know the kinds of paintings available to understand and cherish them even further.

Tips on Oil Painting

Oil is one of the most common materials used in paintings. There are a number of tips that one should follow if they’re just starting to begin with painting with this material as it requires proper skill and knowledge to be successful.

The Qualities of an Artist

Being an artist isn’t as easy as most people think it is. It requires various qualities, which should be a principle and embedded in the minds of each and every artist.

Modern Art Painting – How to Do It

Modern art paintings are available in different types, shapes and sizes. They are usually used as decorations and some might even cost to around a few million in value. Hence, if you’re planning to start painting, there are a number of methods you could use to do it successfully.

The Reason I Love to Paint

There might have been many reasons why I started painting, but none as important to me as making a decision after raising my family to do something for myself. As a teenager I had loved to paint in art class in high school. After I graduated I went to business school and went into the business world.

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