NEW Cricut Foiling Transfer Kit for Cricut Explore and Maker Machines.

NEW Cricut Foiling Transfer Kit for Cricut Explore and Maker Machines.

Bringing Vector Art Down To Earth

When heading into a quite complex illustration project, there are a lot of things to consider ahead of time. Mainly, there is the issue of vector technology and how perfect it is. That inherent perfection can often contribute to an impersonal or inhuman feeling in your artwork.

Indian Wood Sculpture and Indian Wooden Carvings

The art of sculpting wood is one of oldest art in history. To create a good wood sculpture the art men requires effective skill and creativity for design a perfect sculpture. Most of wooden sculptures are made almost all over India but the southern states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have an remarkably impressive tradition of wood sculpting.

Tips To Creating Your Own Spot Cartoon Gags

Creating Your Own Spot Cartoon Gags is a fun and rewarding way to make extra money or supplement a career in art or illustration. A budding cartoonist will need a sense of humour but not necessarily a great flair for art.

Cinema 4D – Getting Help

Cinema 4D has many helper tools, a great reference online help but like some of the complexity of the tools presented, you can get a lot more help and find the help you’re looking for if you know some of the tools and shortcuts devoted to the help system. Let’s get some help! The first thing out of the box is the menu help presented on the top tool bar and it is pretty intuitive and obvious.

Using 3D Modelling in Graphic Design

The use of 3D modelling in graphic design is becoming more commonplace and is used in a wide variety of different fields. The process of 3D modelling is to represent a three dimensional surface object, whether it be inanimate or living, with specialised software. Also referred to as 3D computer graphics, a business can benefit in many ways from using this technology within their graphic designs.

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