New Cricut Design Space Live Class- giveaway.

New Cricut Design Space Live Class- giveaway.

What Is Contemporary Art?

This art style is as diverse we are as a population in the 2000’s. If we take a trip back to the art period of the Renaissance, the most painters painted in a particular style. Many painters would jump on the bandwagon as that was the popular style, not unlike musicians of this century. Portraits of the 1700’s all had similar qualities. With contemporary art, you can find very stylized and personalized styles to fit your home or office.

Artist Who Uses Fishes As a Subject of Art

Keith Siddle’s status as a professional artist has grown constantly over the years as several of his articles have appeared in German, British and Japanese publications. He has also been exhibition around the globe with the exquisite range of art that is colourful and vibrant which is why they are loved all over the world. He was once invited to a famous fish breeder in Nigata, Japan where he got a chance to view the most unique and beautiful fishes in the world from a close view that helped him commission many of art paintings.

How to Draw a Person

Drawing a person becomes much easier as soon as you know how to break the human form down into smaller pieces. Then you can put people in different poses and still have them look realistic, or you can change their proportions if you want them to look more like cartoons.

How to Draw SpongeBob

After you understand a few simple steps, SpongeBob is so easy to draw you may start to think his animators got lazy. He’s basically a box on legs, but there are a few extra touches to add to make him look right.

Mixed Media Materials When It Comes to Your Art

Mixed media is a term in art where an artwork mixes numerous painting and drawing materials and methods, rather than only 1 medium. Any kind of items can be used, such as pages from magazines, newspaper, photos, cloth, soil, or packaging to make a collage.

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