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Art And The Muse

Inspiration and envy make interesting bed-fellows, whilst at odds with one another, they combine perfectly to energize the mind and lubricate the sticky pathway that is the creative process. Inspiration, by definition is a theological influence with the sole purpose of solving problems, whilst envy is a fundamental part of human nature that causes more problems than it solves, however when the two are combined they fuse into what I believe to be a major factor in the flux of an Artists mind; The Muse.

Prismacolor Marker and Pencil Set – Why This is Such a Great Tool For Artists

Ever wonder why some jobs go extinct and other jobs rise in the field of arts? Easy, that is because of technology but that doe not only include computers it also includes the tools you use as an artist. What are the latest tools. If you want to make it as an artist be aware of the necessary tools you need to create great art and to be up to date with arts.

Vintage Holiday Cards – Making One is Quite Easy

As the holiday season is around the corner, most of us might be thinking of sending our loved ones some holiday and season greeting cards. Have you thought of sending these vintage holiday cards instead of the other holiday cards this time? If no, then this is the time when you have to start thinking. Most of these holiday cards focus on the holidays and then of the vintage material that can be added.

Vintage Images – Ready to Make a Convincing Comeback

Vintage images have always remained elements of fantasy and reminiscence in the past and with them making a comeback these days, it can be said that it is surely going to be a grand one this time. These days, people prefer those black and white images as compared to the present day technologically advanced one as they tend to have some kind of amusing factor in them. People love that monochromatic tone and it is helping them to go back that memory lane and cherish the time that they spent with their loved ones which are captured in the form of images.

Victorian Era Evolution of Art, Craft and Culture

The length of time for which Queen Victoria of Britain ruled makes the period too long to be studied in one uniform block in order to have a good look at the changes in the scenario of art, craft and culture with accompanying social evolution the world over. The Victorian era, as it is generally referred to, starts from 1830’s and lasts till almost the end of nineteenth century.

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