My Favourite Summer Sewing Patterns

My Favourite Summer Sewing Patterns

New York’s Highlights of Modern Art

From Frank Sinatra to Sarah Jessica Parker, the city of New York has consistently maintained the supreme position of being the centre of America’s entertainment and art industry. So much so that during the better part of the twentieth century New York has been in the forefront as America’s greatest export. One of the most prominent positions of the cultural scene of New York is held by the Museum of Modern Art, an establishment exclusively for modern art.

Adobe After Effects CS5 – The Transform Set of Animations

One of the things that make After Effects animation a little easier is that their design places five basic attributes in a ‘Transform’ set that is common to all After Effects objects. Having this common ground makes the terrain a bit more familiar and helps your plan your design.

An Introduction to the World of Oil Paintings

The journey of the art of oil painting is an intriguing one. Certain periods have proved to be more receptive of the art form than others. This form of painting is believed to have originated in Afghanistan. When the process was first invented, it was not used for art purposes; however, artisans quickly realized the potential that oil painting possessed.

Andy Warhol Prints

Andy Warhol is a famous print and painting artist who also produced film and television programmes in his illustrious career. This article covers the life of Warhol and covers his best prints.

Artist Evokes King of Pop

Fabian Perez’s stylish artwork has evoked the memory of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The Fine Art Blog said that Perez’s piece Man in Black Suit was their favourite as it reminded them of Michael Jackson’s classic retro gangster look complete with trilby hat during his Billie Jean era. Perez’s mysterious characters are inspired by the artist’s childhood spent with his father, a brothel owner who operated outside the conventional post-Peron society in Argentina.

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