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Monthly Make It LIVE! Hello Spring Watering Can Door Hanger Door Hanger

Slums in Neighborhoods

Artists are exploring new media and techniques to convince the viewer in the present day. The range of subjects that the artist deals with today is intriguing and relevant. Kanta Kishore has picked the popular slum with a different perspective that essentially deals with the core of the subject.

Kandinsky Paintings – Famous Art of Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings were crucial in the rise of Abstract Expressionism and Modern art. This famous Russian artist and helped to raise awareness of Abstract art which now has a firm hold in the modern art scene, with new artists experimenting with it all the time and new art movements sprouting out from it in new directions. In this article we uncover the most influential and best known paintings of Kandinsky’s art career, with particular attention to his Abstract Expressionism legacy.

Review of Early Work by Artist Ruslan Korostenskij

This is a review on the early period of creative work by fine artist Ruslan Korostenskij. The review is based on several paintings which were exhibited during the Young Artist Forum in Zaporizzhia (Ukraine).

Where to Find Cheap Graphic Design Service

What is it about graphic design that people need to know in order to succeed in this field? Many may think that even in our tough economic climate, going freelance is a bad idea especially if you are working within the creative industry such as graphic designing. One can succeed as a graphic designer and design students are amongst those who can get a good step into the industry. A lot of students will jump on the chance to work on a professional project without it taking up their studying time.

PMS Color Matching – What is it and Where Did it Come From?

If you’ve never worked directly with graphic designers, corporate marketing departments, or something of the like you might not have even heard of the Pantone Matching System, also known as the PMS Color Match System. This is a very useful system that universalizes shades of color to eliminate shade variations in a myriad of different industries.

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