Scanner Darkly to Pop Art

The film Scanner Darkly, has not just an engaging storyline, but also great animation. Its unique look is what many viewers enjoyed. But some artists took the next step forward. They attempted to convert the Scanner Darkly dynamic look from the film to a static style of two dimensional portraits. Here is more.

Things to Consider for an Effective Logo Design

Wondering what are things to consider while getting ready for a logo design for your company? Reading this article will definitely prove a help.

The Unmistakable Roy Lichtenstein Style

Known popularly as the ‘Master of the Stereotype’, Roy Lichtenstein was a great iconic figure of the American pop art movement. Renowned for his comic style of pop art, this leading American pop artist showed to the world that tongue-in-cheek humour could be brought into a simple comic strip that parodied an idea or expression. Here is more information about him.

Unravel Secrets of Photoshop Masking

Hello graphic editors! Are you ready for some after effects? It’s time to adapt to a brand new way to create stunning pictures. With the right knowledge of handling the latest software, it becomes simpler to unravel secrets of Photoshop Masking. It will certainly give an edge to the career graph and attract more clients.

Of Wit and Tragedy – Sculptures by Hanna Gerlind Glauner

Hanna Gerlind Glauner’s beautiful objects both amuse and provoke. Her observations possess both beauty and poise in their solidified imagination. Her exhibition in the Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden, Alfaz del Pi should not be missed.

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