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Memberships you can use with your Cricut – Creative Fabrica – Cricut Access – SVG sites

How to Draw a Cheetah

The cheetah is apparently a marvel of evolution since its origination dates back to even before the last Ice Age, i.e. 10000 years ago. This innocent looking member of the Felidae (cat) Family is found in Asia and Africa. It loves living in the vast open expanses of land (for e.g. grasslands, semi desert, etc). Cheetah’s sleek muscular body caters to its agility and swiftness. It can run at a speed of 112 km per hour and is therefore, often tagged as the fastest animal in the world. Although, cheetahs are carnivores, they are non-aggressive. They generally prey on antelopes, gazelles, gunieafowls, hares, warthogs, and game birds.

How to Make a Balloon Arch

Balloons are a simple and inexpensive way to decorate any type of a party or event. Are you wondering how to make make balloon arches with either air or helium filled balloons? Air filled balloon arches tend to be less expensive, while helium filled balloon arches are simpler to make and are easier to adapt to different situations.

5 Great Myths About Logo Design

The quality of logo design is not dependent on the price. It is generally true, that an established company making logos for $500 will do a good job in most cases. It is clear, that with a lot of money you can pay experienced people.

Metal Art Can Be Very Expressive

Metal art can be very expressive, whether it is huge sculpture, jewelry, wall art, fine arts or even structural work. Even a fundamental knowledge of metalworking will allow you to begin creating. Here is how to get started as a metal artist.

Thank You Card Notes

When you are looking for a job you need every advantage you can get for your self. One of the ways to make that lasting impression on the person who could very well be your future boss, is to send them thank you card notes. Don’t just send a e-mail thanking them for their time.

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