Mega Craft Bundle 20 and crafty chats!

Mega Craft Bundle 20 and crafty chats!

Taking Care of Canvas Art Prints

Unfortunately, there’s so much focus on purchasing art that sometimes we forget that taking care of art will actually make sure that it looks as nice as it did when you first got the artwork to your home. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to really give canvas art prints the care and consideration that they deserve.

Australian Paintings – Buying a Piece of National Pride

There are numerous symbols of Australia, but there’s another source of national pride that definitely deserves attention — original Australian paintings, of course! There’s plenty of reasons to get quality Australian artwork, but a desire to collect the art of one’s home country is a good of a reason as any other. Choosing to look for Australian artists specifically also has an added benefit — you are directly supporting and encouraging those artists to produce more art.

Benefits in Submitting Art to Manufacturer CattleCalls

Read the benefits in submitting art to manufacturer submission requests even if the likelihood of getting your art licensed for that submission is slim. The article includes suggestions on what to do before participating in cattle-calls.

Buying Art Well

You’ve decided you need to buy some art. Maybe you just need it for an empty wall, or you’ve discovered that there’s some magic to things made by human hands and hearts, or it’s a requirement of sorts in your social circle – whatever your reason, you have a need.

Art Deco Pottery – 10 Influences

Art Deco pottery was created in a style that followed closely on the heels of Art Nouveau. It was created in France beginning in 1910, spread throughout the world and, then, lost influence with the onset of World War II.

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