Meet the all-new Cricut Maker™ 3

Meet the all-new Cricut Maker™ 3

Archival Framing – Protecting Your New Work of Art

What you need to to know about archival framing of original watercolors and fine art prints. Unless you are prepared to accept fading and discoloration of your art you need to insist on archival framing.

Canvas Photos – Best and Inexpensive With Long Lasting Beauty

Canvas photos are getting popular day by day and people who want a kind of sophistication in their home prefer these. A good canvas photo gives a sigh of relief and a soothing effect to eyes and it can even release a certain amount of tension as well. Canvas photos are just advanced technology added to normal photos, which has been possible due to the improvement in computer technology.

The Essence of Good Illustrations in Comics

Comics is evolved around illustrations, illustrations are artistic drawing and sketches that complement text to give it a complete sense. With good illustrations, an artist and illustrator is spared the stress of long conversations between characters or adding needless dialogue to panel (esp. a one-figure panel), i.e. a panel with only a character; this is possible because good illustrations elaborately portray and convey the intended idea in the mind of the artist or illustrator to the audience/reader.

About Digital Art

Digital Art is scaling new heights. With constant progress and improvement in digital art and its process, artists and graphic designers are able to deliver art products which exceed the client’s expectations most of the time.

Why is Art So Important?

Since the dawn of time, man has had a passion and admiration for art. Whether it be found in ancient cave paintings dating back to 32,000 years ago, or the refined and elegant words of William Shakespeare, or the phenomenal fabrication displayed in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. It is safe to say that art has been ever so continuously changing along with us as a human race.

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